Our partners are amongst the leaders in the Corporate Performance Management software industry. We carefully select the technologies we work with according to their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Our expertise runs deep in the following technologies. We offer purpose built, proven solutions to help our clients anticipate project demands and overcome challenges more easily and efficiently. We’ve got your template for success.

IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution that uses AI to automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting and drive more intelligent workflows.

Built on TM1, IBM’s powerful calculation engine, this enterprise performance management tool allows you to transcend the limits of manual planning and become the Analytics Hero your business needs. Quickly and easily drive faster, more accurate plans for FP&A, sales, supply chain and beyond.

Our expertise runs deep in IBM analytics. We offer purpose built, proven solutions to help our clients anticipate project demands and overcome challenges more easily and efficiently. We’ve got your template for success.

Unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

Easily connect to, model, and visualize your data, creating memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand. Get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions—even when asking with conversational language.

Work together easily on the same data, collaborate on reports, and share insights across popular Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Teams and Excel—empowering everyone in your organization to quickly make data-driven decisions that drive strategic actions.

Embrace Continuous Planning To Adapt To Continuous Change.

The world is undergoing rapid and continual change. Now more than ever, finance teams need to stay agile to help their organizations adapt quickly to changing business conditions. Discover how your organization can get ahead by adapting the right continuous planning and reporting tools.

Reach a higher level of financial intelligence with finance-owned solutions that enable fast, accurate reporting, forecasting, planning, and close directly from your core financial systems. insightsoftware enables the office of the CFO to connect to and make sense of enterprise data that is currently spread across a range of point solutions, adding context and building confidence and trust in that data so they can achieve a greater level of financial intelligence across their organization, which is how best-in-class finance teams operate.

As a purpose-built platform connecting people, data, and plans, Anaplan delivers a unified real-time, cloud-based environment to optimize planning and democratize decision-making across all lines of business and business
activities from strategic to operational levels. Leveraging the speed and scale of the platform, Anaplan offers businesses a nimble, intuitive, and secure way to collaborate concurrently to drive faster and more accurate decisions.

Connected Planning incorporates accurate, timely, and comprehensive input to project into the future. Accelerated productivity from Connected Planning provides organizations with newfound agility to respond proactively and
decisively in the face of escalating uncertainty.

Aided by artificial intelligence and machine learning that continuously learn and recalibrate from growing data sets, organizations can leverage intelligence that helps tackle the unexpected well into the future.

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